How To Install an HD Antenna

Been thinking about cutting the cord but unsure about how to install your own HD antenna?  Where to hang it?  What kind to get? Get started with this handy home time courtesy of Treasure Valley Remodel & Restoration – proud sponsors of Love Where You Live! For help on projects…

Zhoo Zhoo Wintery - Idaho

Zhoo Zhoo Winery

Zhoo Zhoo Winery Zhoo Zhoo Winery is nestled in the rolling foothills of Idaho’s wine country.  Family owned and operated, Zhoo Zhoo is a great destination for a relaxing afternoon of beautiful views and delicious wines. Zhoo Zhoo Website

A Caker, A Baker and a Real Tail Shaker – Episode 103

A Caker, A Baker and a Real Tail Shaker – Episode 103 In this episode visit a two AND four-legged friendly B&B with killer views, the famous Idaho Potato Museum, and a downtown Caldwell bakery that’s full of sweet fun!

Celebration Park

Celebration Park is the first thing I think of when contemplating peace, quiet, and some much needed chill time. Not long ago I’d visited with my son, Jared, hiked to Halverson Lakes, and determined I’d be back soon for an extended stay. The week I’d set aside for all of…

Marsing: Under the Radar

Marsing: Under the Radar Marsing gave me this: “I like to fly under the radar,” the thrift shop owner told me, but I had a hard time believing that. She had a business on Marsing’s Main Street with electric blue trim, a very obvious sign, and a bright red metal…