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Love Where You Live is a weekly 30 minute travel adventure show hosted by radio & TV personality, Travis Culver, that will air on broadcast television as well as an aggressive social media platform. Fast-paced & entertaining, with a feel somewhere between “Dirty Jobs” & “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives”, the show will travel the state of Idaho and neighboring regions to highlight food & entertainment hotspots, road trips, outdoor destinations, little-known “diamonds in the rough” and the true stories of inspiring people.


A Show With Heart

What makes us love the place we call home?  Of course it’s our family and friends who surround us with their love.  But we believe it’s more than that.

We believe it’s the little deli around the corner that few seem to know about, but the owner knows everyone’s name and pours her heart and soul into every single culinary creation.

It’s the little-known camping getaway you discovered that’s just the right mix of nature’s beauty and simple peace.

It’s that inspiring figure who’s dedicated their life to making those of others better – yet never ask for personal glory.

It’s the road trips we take with friends that produce memories that last a lifetime.

In short – it’s the act of loving the act of living itself that is the very heart of Love Where You Live.

Why Advertise/Sponsor With Love Where You Live

Let’s face it – there are scores of places your company can spend your advertising dollars.  All of which have different returns on your investment (ROI).  Some are measurable, so are not.  For all of them, though, you want to see a return on the money you spend.  So many times, it feels like you spend your advertising dollar, only to see it disappear like dust in the wind.

Love Where You Live is different, on purpose.  From start to finish, Love Where You Live is designed to be a show the viewer/consumer experience with the host.  Stuffed full of great things to make her life–and the lives of those most precious to her–a life she loves to live.  We believe that, if the show sparks excitement, joy, hopefulness, comfort or the adventurous spirit, that’s of value to the viewer and something she’ll want to come back to over and over again.

Now, isn’t that something your company would love to be a part of?

Love Where You Live’s advertising and sponsorship options are built to provide high value to you.  Whether it be extremely reasonably-priced television ad space within the show, social media campaigns, or sponsorship packages – all are designed to leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.

Simply put – if it’s a win for you, then it’s a win for us.  So we’ve done everything we can to make your investment cost-effective, value-added and an investment with truly measurable results.

So, regardless of your company’s size and budget, we have options that are right for you.

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Having lived all over the country and spending time in education, radio and televisions broadcasting, Travis love being able to combine his experience with his love of travel and exploration. Even better, Travis is married to his best friend and has two ridiculously awesome kids that provide even more reasons to love living each and ever day.

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